Leon Francis, AKA YankieDude5000, is a user on GoAnimate and YouTube. He is the head of the good users and dislikes baby shows, troublemakers, and bad users. He made grounded videos out of his least favorite characters, and enemy users.

History Edit

YankieDude5000 first joined the YouTube community in November 2012 doing adventures with YungDeez100, then did some Let's Play videos of his favorite video games such as Super Mario Sunshine, Spider Man, Shadow The Hedgehog, and some other favorite video games. In 2015, he accidentally created a GoAnimate account because he feared about having to pay lots of US dollars despite being from the United Kingdo where they use Pounds. In early January 2016, when GoAnimate retired the non-business themes, his friend Matt The GoAnimator told him that he can still make more GoAnimate videos using GoAnimate for Schools. He made guest appearances in most of Weatherstar4000video's videos. Months later, when the enemy users made offensive content out of him and his friends, he would make those types of videos called sequels, prequels, and frequent. On July 25th 2016, an enemy user gives YankieDude5000 a false strike as his original account gets terminated due to copyright infringement. Minutes later after the termination, he returns with a temporary name called YankieDudeComedian1995.

Friends Edit

He is friends to Sarah West, YungDeez100, Alex Kimble, Robby Riefel, Sebby S. Truesdai, Teardrop2014, Emily, BrandonTheMovieGuy, Slippy V, DavidComedian1991, TheWarren1988, Jake Crader , and all good users and favorite characters.

Enemies Edit

His major enemies are Dark Bowser, Rookie, Popple, Boom-Boom, the Bro characters, the evil Warren Cook, AYBAYBAYDOG1, the enemy users, the UTubeTrollPolice members, and the least favorite characters.